If you are looking for a church that looks like you, then look no further! We are the face of Augusta. Windsor Spring is a unique blend of races, cultures, and backgrounds, all worshipping and serving the Lord together. We hope that you will choose to worship with us.

God has placed Windsor Spring Baptist Church in Augusta to be a light for this city. It is our desire to present Jesus Christ to those in Augusta and the surrounding areas. Only He can change your life and give you the hope of eternal life when you die.

We're not a perfect church, but we are a healthy church. If you become a part of this family of believers, you'll discover that we're extremely excited about what God is doing here. Our pastor and staff work tirelessly to love and care for His people as selfless shepherds.

We are here to encourage you.  We know that we live in a world where few people keep their promises or remain faithful to anything or anyone. We want to introduce you to Jesus, who does keep His promises and will remain faithful. And we beg Him to strengthen us so that we can become the exception to your experience by keeping our promises to Him, you, and one another.

Come join us and worship God together with us. We offer to you a family atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Isn't it about time that you see what God has planned for your life?

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