E- Giving Online

Our Church has a diversity of members who are involved in various ministries and programs. They pray and work diligently to serve our Lord and Savior faithfully and to share Him fearlessly.

We have had requests for the church to explore a variety of opportunities in contributing tithes and offerings. Among these opportunities could be electronic giving. We are reverential in sharing His gifts to us. These gifts help support His work through our church and show Him honor. We recognize Him as the source of all we posses and the only One worthy of our worship.

Please consider our new service (E-Giving Online), that is available now. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to our Staff.

Click here or the button on the right to go to E-Giving  (Note there is a new link since 10/11/2017)

(Be sure to use “South African Missions” for donations to the Fransmans)